Laura, Gemini, Purple, Teal,
Music- My Life,
Seahorses, Peacocks,
Connecticut, Crazy,
In My Own World.
eyes set to kill, tonight alive,
asking alexandre, attack attack!,
breathe carolina, a day to remember,
forever the sickest kids,
he is we, lights, likin park,
paramore, pierce the veil,
say anything, sum 41, stroy of the year,
there for tomorrow, eminem, Ke$ha,
Taylor swift, lady gaga, death cab for cutie.
"Seeing everyone's true face
Makes me wish they would keep their masks on
Cause I don't wanna know, who you really are" - attack attack, i swear ill change

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q’d - at school, surrounded by peasants (feel free to delete this)


q’d - at school, surrounded by peasants (feel free to delete this)

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The Orion Nebula is one of the most well known objects in the night sky. It’s located in the constellation Orion and is visible to the naked eye. The nebula is about 24 light years across and has a mass of about 2000 that of our Sun.

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Sun Set, Sun Rise

I posted the first image last night, but I just finished the second one so I thought I’d make a post with them both. Both of these images are made up of the same 144 photos of a sunset at my home in southern Iowa. The photos take place over a 36 minute period. The top image is in forward time from left to right, and the bottom one is in reverse time from left to right.

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Her hair tho


Her hair tho

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